VIP Power Moves Program

My VIP Power Moves coaching program is designed just for you. I offer a 5-week intensive and 90-day version.

The 5-week intensive is designed to get you unstuck, focused, and standing in your power to make your next move a Power Move.

You will have:
A clarified Goal Outline
4 Power Sessions-One 45-minute coaching session per week (video chat or telephone), except week 4. You will have a development or Intentional Action activity, with email support.

During these sessions you will:
Identify and break free of fears and obstacles
Eliminate limiting beliefs and negative patterns
Gain powerful insight and clarity
Affirm your strengths and power
Develop innovative Goal Execution Strategies
Accomplish weekly goals
Have accountability and transition support
Prioritize and enhance time-management
Engage in creative activities and "homework" assignments, as needed
Email correspondence

This powerful bonus helps you keep track of your growth, insights and success.
Structured Power Session notes after each session

If this package sounds like what you need, great!

If you also need:
Extended coaching support, 9 Power Sessions, total
One 45-minute coaching session per week, except weeks 4,8, 10. You will have development or Intentional Action activities, with email support.
Additional Goal Execution Strategies and accountability
Access to the ‘Work Smarter Not Harder’ comprehensive resources list

Then the 90-day package is just for you!
Let’s clarify your goals and needs in a Complimentary Discovery Session (15-minutes via telephone)!

Complete the questionnaire below. Then you can conveniently schedule your session. Let's go!

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