Year after year, you see the same issues at your organization:

Employees are frustrated and turnover is high.

Management is not on the same page.

Effective, long-term change never really happens... Until Now.

It’s time to put an end to the unproductivity, complaints about leadership, low morale, and this ridiculously high turnover rate.

No more wasting money on ineffective trainings.

Whether it’s an online training or guest presenter, it’s the same information. No impact. So, your employees attend, but daydream or scroll on their phone.

No more repeating the same procedures and expecting different results. Take your organization to the next level!

At this level, more developed, efficient leadership will provide valuable solutions.

The culture is aligned with your organization’s vision and continual success.

My Corporate Package is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Step one, I will send the initial assessment survey to your Team Lead.

Step two, I will complete a 90-minute Strategic Evaluation with your executives (onsite or video conference). We will explore your organization’s goals and obstacles more in-depth.

Step three, I will provide a written proposal for the next steps to achieve the organizational goals.

I can work with you and your team to:

Develop a customized Action Plan with innovative Goal Execution Strategies
Provide Project Management consulting for successful implementation
Provide Professional Coaching for individual employee development
Facilitate my Signature Training and Workshop for your leaders and staff

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Signature Training and Workshop

The Effective Emerging Leader

This engaging and insightful 4-hour workshop will effectively develop your emerging leaders. Their impact will enhance your organization's culture, productivity, employee retention, and profitability.

Workshop Topics:

Leadership Mindset
Managerial Courage
Employee Performance Enhancement
Change Management
Effective Leadership Strategies

Complimentary Bonus Services:

Strategic Planning follow-up meeting (30 minutes) with senior executive(s)
Employee survey data

Secrets to Successful Workplace Communication

Learn the secrets of what to say and how to say it. During this creative 4-hour training, your entire staff will gain tools to competently communicate through a variety of workplace situations. This change in your organization's climate will minimize miscommunication and positively impact employee retention.

Training Topics:

Competent Communication
Miscommunication and Conflict
Best Practices and Techniques

Complimentary Bonus Services:

1-hour follow-up workshop to reinforce skill set, measure improvement and address current challenges
Employee survey data

Other Transformational Trainings

Overcoming Conflict with Co-workers
Shifting Company Culture to Increase Success
The Effective Executive

Participant Reviews

  • "Very insightful and informative. Job well done!"
  • "The amount of information gave me clarity on where my growth lies. It opened my eyes to what I need to do better, to be more effective as a team member and leader."
  • "Very thought-provoking. Allowed for self-reflection and awareness!"
  • "Tiffany shows a great passion for what she does, genuinely enjoys helping others, and wants them to succeed."

Contact me to schedule your Strategic Evaluation.

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