“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor & some style." ~Maya Angelou

As proud Founder & CEO of Anew Life to Live (est. 2013), Dynamic Living Coach, Success Strategist, Transformational Speaker, and Author, I absolutely love what I do.

Hey love,

A friend of mine sent me this quote years ago; she said it reminded her of me. It instantly resonated with my soul and is the essence of my truth. Life has taught me that you don't have to settle. You can mute the Dream Killers, be your authentic self, make your daydreams come true and thrive!

Whether it’s personal or corporate, it’s my life’s purpose to help you accomplish Power Moves: dynamic goals transformed into reality.

I absolutely love what I do. I get to transform your daydreams into dynamic realities!

You know how I KNOW that you, too, can make Power Moves and thrive? I am doing it, my clients are doing it, and so can you!

I know, you probably can’t figure out how to get unstuck and identify what’s holding you back. It’s okay. That’s what I am here for.

All you know is you’ve made achievements but outgrowing certain aspects of your current career, life, people, etc. You work so hard but something is definitely missing.

You may be daydreaming about some type of "level up"; that is, doing something bigger and better. Maybe it’s finally turning your unique gifts or your passion into a profitable business. Maybe it’s creating something that impacts others (i.e. writing a book or starting an organization).

Well, if you have been having this Power Move sitting inside of you and it won’t go away… it’s for a reason. If you have not started or can’t finish your Power Moves, it’s also for a reason. You may be discouraged because the end result is “Z” and you think you’re only at “A” or “B.” How can you possibly get all the way there?? I get it. But, again, you can! Step-by-step.

When I started working with these clients, I undeniably knew that I was on to something!

Success Stories

  • “Tiffany is awesome. A young woman whose wisdom surpasses her age. Her compassion and love for people is seen and felt in all she does. Tiffany takes pride in her work and everything she touches is a fruit of her passion and dedication. Working with her has been my privilege and honor. I would recommend her with my eyes closed!!!"

  • “My perspectives were biased and according to me, I was failing at everything! I had the strength to face the day but lacked the courage to conquer it with gusto… until I began meeting with Tiffany. Through various approaches and self-exploration activities we were able to resurrect the essence of my being, and reconfigure my outlook on life. My self-worth was identified and restored! I’m unable to entertain the belief that I could have accomplished such feats without the assistance and support of Tiffany...

    She’s welcoming, positive, understanding, kind, competent, and nonjudgmental. I love the support and encouragement I receive from her as well. Since working with Tiffany, I’ve started a small business, reconnected with my primary passion, and even began looking for ways to help others get the ball rolling with their own lives and careers. Though our journey together is still in progress, I’m ecstatic to know that in the near future my progress will be immeasurable.”

    Shameika R.
  • "Meeting Tiffany has changed my life. In 4 short sessions, she encouraged me to peel off the layers that were keeping me from my true self. It really is all about loving yourself. With Tiffany, I was able to face my fears and acknowledge my strengths. I am now living my dreams and potential in a way that is producing positive results. I cannot thank her enough. She is an Angel in an earth suit."

    Pamela W.
    Artist and Registered Nurse

It’s easy to tell someone not to settle and pursue their daydreams, right? Well, I had to do the work to make my Power Moves come true, too! I had to face my fears, challenge my beliefs, and conquer many obstacles throughout my life.

I’ve always had a vision and an unapologetic desire to have a fulfilling life that I know is worth living. Yet, after all of the hard work I had already put in, life started giving me lemons again. So, getting my restoration and fulfillment back was the only thing that mattered.

This is my journey...

Sooo, before I became Founder & CEO of Anew Life to Live, I thought I was living a fulfilled life. I already had my Master’s Degree and an 8-year Professional Counseling Career; I was a Professional School Counselor that “wore many hats,” and a Mental Health Counselor 4 years prior to that.

To be fair, maybe I was fulfilled at some point. Parts of my career felt rewarding. But, to be honest, life was beginning to show me in so many challenging ways that it was time for a change. At least a shift. Maybe that career was only part of my purpose.

So, I should keep trying to convince myself that I am still content, right?

So what if I am no longer happy, stressed out, overworked, underappreciated and getting sick. Let’s add that I had too many nonreciprocal and uncomfortable friendships, a romantic disappointment…it piles up.

But, I’ve done enough work in my life and this will just have to be it, right? No more risks, effort, and pursuing true happiness.

Thankfully, I stopped lying to myself about my career dissatisfaction, the unraveling of the life that I knew, and how everything would automatically be fine. My persevering spirit and relationship with God helped me to finally stop fighting to hold on to a life that was no longer serving me.

I then realized it was time for life anew and Power Moves! I waved goodbye to my fear of the unknown and re-defined fulfillment in my life.

It wasn’t easy, but I overcame those obstacles, committed to a lifestyle change for my health, got a new support system, and received personal healing. I became a Certified Life & Career Coach. I took a “leap of faith,” by leaving my hometown, Chicago, and relocated to San Diego, California. Besides, that life that I was trying to hold on to was obvi pushing me out. This is where I gave birth to Anew Life to Live.

This change allowed me to continue my new life full of peace, career satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness that I redesigned.

My life and career still evolve. I've fought health issues again, some “friends” demoted themselves, and created boundaries with newly identified Dream Killers. Nevertheless, my baby, Anew Life to Live grew. I am transforming more client's lives, wrote a life-changing workbook, utilizing my experiences and knowledge to do Transformational Speaking, Corporate Services and more to come!

Who knew that refusing to settle and embracing change would lead me to all of this? My Power Moves changed my life! But, hey, isn’t that part of living a dynamic life? Make your next move your best move, love. I’m here cheering you on and ready to partner with you.

Let’s go!